Refund and Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation

If the tour or any part thereof cannot be conducted due to Force Majeure or Vis Majeure, the company shall not be responsible to give any refund to you. However, at its sole discretion, the company gives the refund based on various factors like the number of participants, the cancelation policies of suppliers like hoteliers, coach, operation, etc. the decision of the company on the quantum of refund shall be final.

Personal information is data that can be used to identify or contact a single person Non personal information data is not person specific and hence can never uniquely identify and used to contact a single person.

In the case of refund the registration amount would not be liable to be refunded and only amount that would be refunded would be the amount given by the customer besides the registration amount and might be applicable to
other conditions if applied by the company at that circumstances.

It would take at least 45 days to process the refund(if due).

It is clearly understood that there shall be no refund whatsoever if the client does not or can not utilize any of the service like hotels, sightseeing, ride, cruises, meals, entrance fees, optional tours etc due to any reason whatsoever.


full amount will not be refunded by the Tripaholic De World on the occasion of the self cancellation by the person and the only payment will be applicable to be refunded is as agreed by the company officials.